Morning Anxiety

Every morning I have a bit of anxiety: The ‘I know I have something important to do today, but am anxious about it so I put off getting up until the last possible minute, and then get anxious about being late’ syndrome.

This post is literally a procrastination post. This is literally every day of my life.

Today I have to go drop off a payment for my car. I told her 8am but it looks like it won’t be until 9. I’m not proud of it but every morning the stress and thought of interacting, watching what I say and do, in this case I also hate my car but can afford nothing better at this time – it all wells up in a pit inside my stomach. It feels like it settles under my sternum and perches there like Poe’s Raven glaring at me.

Yikes my last alarm just went off. The drive down there is awful. It is an hour away and I get such anxiety driving.. Urgh not a good start to the day. Well, wish me luck!

What does the start to your day look like?

I hope you have an enjoyable day. -SK


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