New England

Well, I guess I am officially a ‘real’ New Englander. Yesterday, after living in NE for 17 years now, I finally went to the Big E for the first time. I liked it well enough and it was interesting to see all of the vendors. I got a couple things: a christmas present, and a bear with my son’s name embroidered on it.

I am really proud of myself for going and staying the whole time. I only cried once the entire thing! It’s a big deal for me with the anxiety. There were multiple times where I felt like I would pass out from the amount of people there and how many times I had to interact with people. I swear you can only do small talk so much. To me, it is such a huge thing to say I stayed a day at the Big E and I’m proud of the accomplishment.

It is the small steps! Good food and good people, is a good time.

Sorry for not writing yesterday, honestly I was so ridiculously tired. I have more to tell you tomorrow but that can wait!

Rest easy and I hope your day is filled with ease. Tomorrow take one step, even if it is something like brushing your hair. You will feel better for doing it and I’ll cheer you on here! I’ll always be so proud of the ‘little things’.



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