Potty Training

My son is 2 years and one month and we have started potty training. We started about two months ago. We bought the underwear and got out potty seats and the little potty chair. He wears underwear most times with the exception of the car, naptime, and bedtime. He’s been doing well but we have a hard time with getting him to let us know he has to potty (poppy in his words).

Tonight though, we had a break through!! He actually asked. He said peees mommy. Pees I go poop on poppy? Which is huge! First of all, he used an entire sentence. It is super exciting because we have been working on that with him. Second, not only did he ask to use the potty, he also went poop on it!! That is such a difficult thing to get through with kids and potty training. I’m stoked and such a proud mama.

It’s all about the little things and celebrating all of the accomplishments no matter how small they may seem.           -SK


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