I hope everyone is having a good night! Man, I really need to start going to sleep earlier. Don’t worry, it will likely never happen.

Okay, so I know I was ridiculously cryptic earlier and I apologize – but honestly, I cannot use this site on my phone browser. I just found out there is an app, but I am having a hard enough time figuring this whole thing out. I’m not great at technology (I suck). I literally just learned what tags and categories are in regards to the internet. Needless to say, this is a learning process and a struggle in its own way. I promise as I go along and learn I will get better. Just try to stick with me until it happens – I’ll do my best!

As I alluded to earlier, I went to a witch shop last night to attend a class on Astrology 101.

I have always been interested in it and wanted to know more. The idea is, the planets and stars etc. is/was lined up in such a way from your birth and it continues to affect you every day of your life. Now, I admit the whole horoscope thing makes me roll my eyes because it never resonates with me. However, I learned last night it is so much more than that and the horoscopes you read online or in the newspaper are just very broad glimpses so they probably don’t fit every person. Whereas, your natal chart is programmed literally for you and the exact moment you were born.

I plugged in all of my information into an online chart and it came up with all of my planet alignment for that snap shot in time. We learned about Chiron and how it affects health and deals with your past etc. Well it turns out that Chiron is in the 8th house in my chart. Some of the things I looked up said that a person with that positioning might have experienced sexual abuse (ding!) and that when they were young they started to see sex as “rough and cruel” (ding!). It said the person may fear it or not generally like to partake in it/not care for it (ding!). I was stunned when I had read it. My burning question now is: did it happen to me because it was in the stars? Was it literally just fate? I had always wondered why, but this was not the result I had expected. If I am being honest with myself, It makes me irritated and confused.

I looked up my son’s to see what his chart might say and one of the first things it explains “A father figure may have been absent or distant and ineffective.” In other words, I am a single mom for a reason and his father is hardly shows any interest. I wouldn’t be surprised if he stays distant his entire life.

Fun fact: my sun sign is Sagittarius, my ascending is Sagittarius, and my moon is in Libra. My son is a Virgo, his ascending is Virgo, and his moon is in Cancer.

Thank you for reading as I process through this jumbled mess. I appreciate you!          – SK



**sites I used for information: cafeastrology.com and theastrocodex.com (I was an English major, in no way am I plagiarizing.


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